Thursday, September 6, 2012

A few FOs and some spinning

I've been busy with all sorts of things. It's starting to wind down a bit...phew!
Have you noticed that our evenings are getting shorter? A sure sign of the end of summer.
So I've been doing most of my knitting and spinning in the evenings.

This first knit has been finished for a while and I've had the chance to wear it often.
What do you get when you mix
garter stitch
with stripes
and lace?
This shawl is a winning recipe. It has the right amount of casual feel and enough lace to make it feel dressy.
(blocking on a double's big!!)
Pattern is Cameo. I like the size. Lots of comfort there. I like to carry a shawl with me when we go to restaurants or other places where they keep the air conditioners on frigid!
 The colourways are Blue Jeans and Limette. Both my hand dyed yarns.
 I like that it's asymmetrical. Larger on one side, where the lace edge is.
 A crescent shape shawl called Unleaving in 100% home grown, home dyed alpaca!
 This pattern also has lots of garter stitch with a lace edge.
Can you see that alpaca halo? mmm
Took me only a week to knit it. You only need to memorize the 18 stitches for the lace edge, the rest is garter stitch.
After several weeks of no spinning, I'm so happy to be back at it.
It's been one year since I brought my spinning wheel home. If I was the kind of person to have regrets in life...I would wish that I had started spinning many many years ago!
What a great creative outlet.
These are the yarns spun this week.
All three are Bulky yarn, navajo plied (3 plies).
I love spinning this weight.
You've no doubt noticed that the purple/pink yarn in the back is a huge ball! It's actually 3 four ounce tops spun together. The other two are 4 ounces of superwash merino each.
I could not wind it on my Jumbo ball winder...just too much yarn so I wound it by hand on my gadget...what is it called again?
 Secret knitting
I had to start knitting with my bulky yarns and I've been working on a pattern...had to be something that required no more than 60-70 meters of bulky yarn...almost ready to reveal the results!
A trip to the Kitchener-Waterloo area is planned this weekend to visit our son...really it's to be visiting sonny boy.
It happens to be the K-W Knitter's Fair too...just a coincidence (hihihi)!!
I'll be spending a few hours in the booth of my LYS on saturday to help out and the rest of the time wandering about to explore the many vendors.
It will be the perfect place to find the right beads for a shawl that I'd like to knit.
I also just received my Spin-off will make great reading for the trip.
Should be another great weekend!
Enjoy yours!


  1. I too wish I had starting spinning yarn sooner! It's one of those crafts that's rather rare, I didn't really know about it until I started looking into alpacas.


  2. I wish I had more time to spin! Your shawls are lovely! I should make a spare to just leave in the car, so I always have one along - I HATE places where the A/C is set on frigid!

  3. I love your bulky yarns!!!! Can't wait till you reveal the results.........and a knitters fair sounds heavenly! Now that's my kind of weekend!!! ;-)